Server license keys as well as module license keys are specified on delivery notes. In this case you can simply download and use the modules. Unless otherwise agreed, modules are licensed for a specific STARFACE version upon purchase – a license for a specific module version is purchased accordingly. For module orders we offer invoice payment with 14 days payment term. Make sure that the license field is not filled with incorrect data by your browser form completion. Special emphasis was placed on high-quality sound reproduction: Configuration The module can be instantiated multiple times to set ringtones for different configurations.

Name: starface module
Format: ZIP-Archiv
Betriebssysteme: Windows, Mac, Android, iOS
Lizenz: Nur zur personlichen verwendung
Größe: 58.62 MBytes

If this IP address cannot be reached by a terminal device, no ring tone download is possible. Please read our FAQ entry on the ordering process and purchasing conditions. After an internal test phase, updates are made available for download on the corresponding product documentation page. Unfortunately, for technical reasons, we cannot currently issue license keys moudle a limited period of time. You can bundle modules directly when ordering with a support hour contingent at reduced prices.


However, the high-volume ringtones are louder overall. Special emphasis was placed on high-quality sound reproduction: When using the STARFACE redundancy module, after switching from a primary to a redundancy system, the module license key suitable for the system must be re-entered in the module!

starface module

Module licenses are only valid for the specified server license. Therefore, please provide us with the hardware ID of your system when straface a module license key.


– Ihr Software-Marktplatz für STARFACE-Telefonanlagen

If in doubt, enter the license key with another browser. The module has no influence on the volume set by the terminal device. High Definition Audio even before the conversation!

Our module licenses refer to the installed server license of a system. The module can be instantiated multiple times to set ringtones for different configurations.


You receive support within the scope of support contracts or on the basis of a time account. Please read our FAQ entry on the ordering process and purchasing conditions. Make sure there are no additional characters or characters missing.

starface module

moduke Instances without a license key have staeface function. The indicated prices are net modulr excl. Although a Free Edition does not have a server license key to which the module can be licensed, module licenses can also be bound to the hardware.

In addition, individual fee-based support is available to you in our support portal or under the email address support fluxpunkt.

Die Module

If you want to be informed about new mmodule versions, just subscribe to our Twitter channel. Since we cannot withdraw licenses, there are no demo or test licenses of our modules. Any further volume adjustment must be moule on the terminal device. Within the framework of the ordering process, only the end customer kodule are displayed.


Therefore, when ordering a module, it is mandatory to specify the server license key with which the module is to function.

starface module

Please understand that we do not send individual notifications by email or answer questions about possible release dates. Starfzce be patient in this case and visit us again at a later date. This allows modules to be easily updated or starfave to earlier versions. A t tachments 44 Page History. A redundancy system therefore requires its own independent module license key, which must also be licensed separately because the redundancy system can in fact be used independently at the same time.

Purchase once per server. Please note that for data protection sttarface we will not provide remote support or analysis of logs containing personal data.

High Definition Audio even before the conversation!

We do not trade with consumers. We will send the module license stadface including a delivery note to the delivery e-mail address, but without quoting prices. Mdoule absolute volume of the ringtones depend on the configured ringtone volume on starfacf terminal device.

Modern and business-suited ring tones and alarms stafrace all Yealink and Tiptel desk phones as well as the UCC client. Powered by Atlassian Confluence 6. To order a module license also NFRplease click on the following button: